December 14, 2007

Shopping List for 12/16-12/20

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I have some AWESOME dinners planned already for next week!!! I’m going to be cooking out of Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Cooking cookbook, which is in my top 5 of favorite cookbooks ever. She has a blog too at I love all her stuff!

So here is my list…so far 😉

green lentils

1 butternut squash

1 can crushed tomatoes


fresh ginger

shoyu sauce

brown rice vinegar



green onions

soba noodles






1/2 lb mushrooms

1.5 ounce brie cheese, or tallegio cheese

fage yogurt

1% cottage cheese

I’m only making 3 dinners next week because on Thursday my best friend that goes to law school in New Orleans is coming in town for the night so we are having a fun girl’s night out! And then I requested Friday night off from work so I could drive home to Tampa and have an early Christmas celebration with Ryan (the boyfriend) since I have to work here on Christmas Eve. Next week is also my last week of class before break (yayyyy!!!!)…my last day and meat practical is on Thursday!

Do any of you have any suggestions on what you would like to see up on the blog? I have some ideas but would love to hear from yall if there is anything you are especially interested in that I could do more of…I want to have a question/answer area as well. Thanks! 🙂 


December 10, 2007

You CAN afford to eat right!

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I just wanted everyone to see what $20.00 can buy you! Today I went first to supertarget (they have quality products for CHEAP!) and I bought all my regular groceries/produce there. I only spent 20 dollars and I got a whole bunch. If I can afford to eat right on the huge budget that I’m on right now, anyone can! Here’s a photo of the produce I bought at supertarget. From there, I went on to whole foods for specialty ingredients.


Shopping List for 12/10-12/16

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I’m going to start posting my personal weekly shopping lists so you all can see what I buy and hopefully give you some new ideas! I also will be posting my weekly recipes that I plan to make. (yes, I do plan out all my meals for the week on the weekend and the nights I will be making them. This saves a lot of time, money and confusion as to “what’s for dinner”). Sometimes I don’t stick completely to what I have planned like if I end up going out to eat that’s not planned or something like that. Usually though, I try to stick with what I have planned out! I hope you all like them!




red onion (2)



pears and apples

brussel sprouts


sweet potato

lemons (2)

fresh cilantro

baby carrots


Other stuff:

Dried giant lima beans

feta cheese (the real stuff, from Whole Foods-reduced fat tastes like crap I think..better to use a small amount of the real thing, right?)

Peanut butter



fage 0% yogurt

Pacific brand creamy tomato soup

tuna in a pouches

one can of garbanzo beans

shelled frozen edamame

red curry powder

vegetable brother

low fat buttermilk

skim milk