December 10, 2007

Airport Meals to the Rescue

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Here are three quick, cheap and delicious meals to stay healthy while traveling:
1.) Tuna Salad and Crackers:

Do this the night before you go:

In a bowl combine 1 tuna packet, 1 squirt of miracle whip light, 1 squirt mustard. Mix together and put in Tupperware. Put in fridge. In a small baggie, pack 20 kashi crackers. Set on top of tuna in fridge. In the morning, get out the lunch box and put in an ice pack, tuna salad, 1 light cheese stick, kashi crackers, an apple and about 10 almonds. Bring with you and eat in airport or on plane. There’s no liquids or gels in this lunch so you can get through security fine. If you wanted to though, you could not pack the cheese stick and instead buy a yogurt from starbucks on the other side of security.

Bring a LaraBar for a snack.
Buy a bottle of water after security.


Stick a pouch of tuna, a banana and a LaraBar
in your bag. At the airport, buy a regular side salad from somewhere. No dressing, no cheese, no meat. JUST the lettuce! Put the tuna over the salad and eat with the banana and larabar on the side. I recommend keeping this little packets of tuna with you because they are great “emergency food”.

2.) Easy Easy Peanut Butter Sandwich:

The night before you go:

Make a sandwich with 2 slices whole wheat bread, peanut butter and a one sliced banana. Pack in tin foil then put in baggie and set in fridge. In another small container, pack 1/2 cup cottage cheese. In the morning, put the sandwich, cottage cheese and an apple in your lunchbag and bring with you to the airport. Eat before you go through security. Bring a LaraBar for a snack and a bottle of water.

3.) Emergency Lunch:

You don’t have any time at all and are about to skip a meal (lunch or dinner). STOP! Find a Starbucks, buy a yogurt and banana. Eat it with a Kashi granola bar or a LaraBar (I recommend you stash a couple Larabars in your bag so they will always be there when you travel and you don’t have to remember to pack them). With this “meal” you are getting some dairy, fruit, carbs and healthy fats instead of lowering your metabolism (and you’re mood!!) by not eating at all. And—you are being much smarter and healthier than most Americans that would hit the airport burger king in a situation like this. If starbucks doesn’t sell yogurts, buy a grande non-fat decaf latte.



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Whew…..finally home and it’s a lovely 75 degrees outside!! I did eat my airport dinner and it held me over very well. Once I got home I ate 2 small christmas cookies that I brought back from wisconsin that my grandma made (nothing like homemade cookies made by your grandma!) and a small cup of hot peppermint chocolate vitasoy. My calories are still low for the day (about 1700) but since I didnt exercise it’s fine. And I’m exhausted with still a bunch of recipes to write for tomorrow’s class…and I have my first quiz on beef!

I’m really trying to make this blog unique because I do realize there are tons of health food/exercise blogs out there right now. I’ve been wanting to do this project for awhile now because my final goal IS to write cookbooks! I also thought it might be fun though to include some real-life culinary school tales…..seriously, a lot of interesting things happen behind the scenes!!!! Oh, I have more than a few stories…. 😉 Its very hard work above all…and some days I want to quit. But, then I remind myself this is what I was born to do. I take a deep breath, relax, do some yoga and all is well.

On tap tomorrow is:

Herb Stuffed Pork Chops

Sauce Robert

Sauce Charcuterie

(right now I am in MEAT class for 3 weeks. All we do everyday is prepare different cuts of meat. Funny because I’m not even a big meat eater! I rarely sit down and eat everything I have made for the day like most of the guys in class that load up their plates everyday at noon with more meat than a human should consume in a week, but I do taste every single thing I prepare. I have to!)

More tomorrow….

Yes, my grandparent’s really do have this hanging on their wall.

December 9, 2007

Almost Home..

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Well, i’m sitting in the airport getting ready for my flight back to Orlando. I’m working on getting some pictures uploaded on this once I’m home but they probably won’t be up til tomorrow afternoon when I have more time. I need to get to bed early tonight because wake up is at 6 tomorrow morning for school! For lunch I ate a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with a tablespoon of all natural guacamole on it. I also had an apple and 6 ounces of plain lowfat yogurt with a little raspberry jam mixed in. A couple minutes ago I ate my Nature’s Own Chunky Peanut Butter granola bar as a airport snack. For 160 calories its not that bad. I honestly wasn’t that hungry…but i’m in sort of a down mood (maybe its the gross weather here?) and just wanted it. I also had some herbal tea from starbucks. For dinner, I’m bringing a green salad on the plane that I’ll put my tuna that I brought from home on top of. I also have planned to eat some organic peanut butter crackers and a pear with it. Not too bad…pretty healthy actually! I think its around 390 calories which leaves me very low for the day but that’s ok since i’m sure i will have something sweet when I finally get home tonight 😉

I won’t get home till 8 and I knew I would be starving!! This is why it’s always a good idea to bring your own food!


mmm turkey + guacamole = heaven

Airport Adventures…

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So, today I’m traveling up to Wisconsin (aka the Arctic) from sunny Orlando. I’m visiting some family for the weekend but of course, I packed some healthy snacks to get me by! This morning I was supposed to run 9.5 miles for my half-marathon training but stopped after 6 because of my shin splints. I think I’m going to have to take a week off of running because they were throbbing today…the race is def. not worth getting injured! I need to be more careful. Before I left on my 6:30 am run I had a quick piece of toast with a smear of organic peanut butter and raspberry jam. I took 8 ounces of accelerade with me but only ended up drinking about 4 ounces of it midway through my run. My handy heart monitor said I burned about 770 calories! That’s a ton and I’m trying to eat a lot of healthy food today to make up for the loss since I’m just trying to MAINTAIN my weight, not lose any.

When I returned from my run I had a big breakfast. I made an with 1/3 cup “Scottish Porridge Oats” (you can use old fashioned quaker but I prefer the chew of these!), 1/3 cup egg whites, 1/2 tsp baking powder and a dash of vanilla and cinnamon. Into the batter I also mixed 1/2 mashed banana. I baked it on the griddle for a few minutes til it puffed up then topped it with the other half of my banana (mashed), 10 grams of toasted walnut halves and a little drizzle of maple syrup. I also made a quick smoothie with 4 ounces plain nonfat organic yogurt, 4 ounces skim milk and 4 ounces frozen strawberries. Plus one splenda for sweetness :). Now, THAT was a great breakfast! And it kept me going for the next couple hours, no problem! My breakfast, including the pre-workout toast and accelerade I drank while running totaled about 600 calories. Nothing like starting the day with a great healthy meal!!

After I ate, I packed my lunch to take to the airport. Now, some people might think its odd that I packed a lunch to take even though its a HUGE airport with a million food options. Not me!!! I wanted a great healthy meal and knew that I could not in any way depend on the airport food to do that for me. So, I saved money and calories by packing.

Here’s what was in my lunchbox:

4 ounces 1% cottage cheese
1 chopped bosc pear
Peanut butter sandwich made with 2 slices of sprouted grain bread and 1 tbsp natural peanut butter with a smear of organic raspberry preserves
2 tbsp hummus
1 sliced red pepper for dipping in my hummus


a tiny piece of organic dark chocolate for dessert!

(I could tell, everyone was jealous!)

My lunch totaled around 530 calories…pretty good for all the yummy food I packed. It kept me full for 4 hours till I reached Atlanta and bought a yogurt, which I ate with 8 kashi crackers that I packed from home.

I also packed some oats to make oatmeal in the morning, walnuts, a couple kashi granola bars, a packet of tuna (to eat in an emergency!) and some organic peanut butter crackers. You never know when you travel and I always like to be prepared. I figure in a pinch I could make a meal out of the tuna and peanut butter crackers if I buy some fruit and yogurt at the airport. Hopefully that won’t happen though!

When I reach my grandparent’s house later this evening I think we are just ordering pizza which is fine with me! I LOVE pizza…..I love to MAKE my OWN pizza and I load it up with all sorts of different kinds of veggies and use a homemade honey whole grain crust. That wont be going on tonight but I’m sure whatever pizza I will eat is going to be incredibly tasty. After burning all those running calories today I think I deserve a treat! I’m going to try to limit myself to 2 slices and eat all of my salad. I could seriously eat about 10 slices but never exceed 2. I have found that even if I am a little bit hungry after a meal, drinking water and waiting about 20 minutes seems to cure it. A lot of times when we THINK we are hungry, we really are just thirsty! If you ate a meal an hour ago that was balanced and you know you “shouldn’t” be hungry so soon after, drink a huge glass of water….it helps get to that next snack!