December 20, 2007

Smaller Portions Make Me Happy!

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Yum! Dinner was SO amazing!

As you all know, my friend was in town and we went out to eat at the restaurant I work at, I’m pretty proud of myself because I def. could have eaten a lot more and feel stuffed right now, but instead I feel full, but not overstuffed. I had one glass of red wine and sipped it slowly to make it last my whole meal. To start, they brought out some spicy edamame to the table (japanese steamed soybeans) and I’m guessing I ate about 1/4-1/2 cup of them I was pretty hungry already! Then, I ordered a cup of the Spicy Roasted Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Soup with Chili Oil. It was really really tasty! There was cream in it for sure but the cup only held such a small amount of soup (I’m guessing not more than 2 or 3 ounces) that it was fine..and it tasted very light so I don’t think it was heavy cream they used. Maybe light cream of half and half. For my entree I ordered the special of pesto seared red snapper…and I found out they do half orders there so I got that! I work there and didn’t even know that! The usual size of the order is 8 ounces of fish so what I got was 4 ounces. My friend ordered a half order of a special tuna wrapped in prosciutto so we shared, half and half. In all, I ate about 4 ounces of fish—2 ounces of mine and 2 ounces of hers…plus all of my veggies. For dessert we split the pineapple upside down cake which was TINY (but absolutely amazing with a toffee rum sauce and rum soaked fruit on the side)! Seriously…it could have fit in the size of my palm but came with an equally small scoop of vanilla ice cream (about 2 ounces) and we split everything. The sizing was very small (more like tapas) but perfect since the dinner and dessert was quite rich with all the sauces and everything. I didn’t want to eat a huge heavy dinner tonight anyways because I’m going out to dinner again tomorrow night with Ryan and we are celebrating Christmas…so I sort of wanted to save up for tomorrow night 🙂

Now I’m home drinking some herbal tea because honestly I don’t feel that full!

Sorry the pictures did not seem to turn out tonight!!! The restaurant was really dark and I tried to get up close to the food to show you all but it didn’t go as well as planned. I’m posting them anyways but know that these don’t show the true food!!


Spicy roasted pumpkin soup….it was a tiny portion, about 3 ounces. Perfect though for before a meal!


ugh, this picture did not turn out well! It was my half portion (4 ounces) of pesto seared snapper in a red wine reduction sauce with mushrooms and bok choy. I ate half of this and half of my friend’s meal!


Slightly blurry picture of pineapple upside down cake…I’ll try tomorrow for better photos!

A note about dessert: I love to order dessert when I’m out with a friend or Ryan. Dessert is fun to share and that way you eat less calories than ordering your own! Just don’t hog the entire thing and keep the dessert small. It’s a fun way to end a really nice meal in my opinion 🙂


December 19, 2007

Sweet & Salty

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Sorry if this dessert is boring but I made hot cocoa again! I just love making my own on the stove…it’s so old fashioned and warm and comforting! Tonight though I made it with 1 tsp cane sugar instead of the usual splenda and it turned out 100x better. I never used to use splenda, only a pinch of the real stuff, and now I know why! The taste of the chocolate was so much more prominent without the slightly gross aftertaste of splenda. I still have splenda in my coffee but I think I’ll stick to sugar in my cocoa. And, hey, it was only 10 more calories but made a world of difference! With my cocoa I had a 100 calorie kettle corn popcorn pack.


About 193 calories for this sweet treat 🙂

Tomorrow, like I said before, is my LAST day of school before christmas break! yay! but I’m so nervous about my 2 practicals…and now I have a wrapped up finger to boot 😦 Hopefully I can pull through and swing a B in this class. It’s just so difficult for me for some reason and I have always been an A student (well in academics—this is culinary school, much different!!). But then, AFTER school my good friend is coming to visit and we are going out to dinner tomorrow night at the restaurant that I work at. I’m so excited! Lots of good food and we haven’t seen each other in about 6 months. Needless to say, tomorrow’s posts might come in a little late or at random times but I’m going to try to take a picture of what I eat so I can share it all with you guys!

December 18, 2007

Cookies Strike Again…

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My dessert tonight is kind of boring…the same thing I had last night—a 6 ounce cup of hot cocoa (1 tsp cocoa powder, 6 ounces skim, 1 splenda simmered on the stove) along with two of the tiny cookies I baked last night. I really didn’t need the cookies but just wanted something to nibble on while I wrote my recipes and studied for my quiz tomorrow. I should just throw away the other two so I won’t eat any more because right now they just look so tempting! My calories were lower today than normal (I think about 1750…I strive for 1850-1950 a day) because of my light lunch, which was more like a tasting than anything else.

Tomorrow for breakfast I have the steel cut oats I made tonight that I’m going to mix with 2 ounces skim milk in the morning and toss in the microwave with a banana to heat up and make creamy again. I also laid out the peanut butter and toasted up some walnuts to throw in their as well. If I eat what I have planned the calories for my breakfast will be about 376, lower because I’m using steel cut oats instead of regular ones.

Thanks for your questions/comments–keep them coming, I love to answer them!

A note on steel cut oats vs regular old fashioned oats:  one serving of steel cut oats = 1/4 cup dry (140 calories) versus a 1/2 cup as a serving for regular dry oats (150 calories). I much prefer the taste and the nuttiness of steel cut oats but only make them whenever I have time because they take longer to simmer on the stove. Tonight though I discovered they really don’t take as long as I thought because I put 2 servings on the stove with some water and it only took about 15 minutes for them to be done! I think when you make them in larger quantities they take more like 40 minutes to cook but its very easy to just make a couple servings at night, package them up in individual tupperware and toss them into the fridge where they can serve as a couple day’s worth of breakfasts. I usually add a splash of milk in the morning before heating them up in the microwave to increase their creaminess. Try them sometime; they are addicting!

December 17, 2007

What Would We Do Without Dessert?

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Just popped in some sugar cookie dough I bought yesterday at Whole Foods and ate two of them with a cup of hot cocoa I made with 6 ounces skim milk, 1 tsp organic cocoa powder and 1 splenda. Hit the spot! I was just going to have one of the cookies so my total dessert would be 150 calories…but they were just soo good, so hot and so tiny (!)  that I had another, bringing my dessert calories to 223. It was very worth it though and I like to eat smaller snacks during the day so I don’t feel guilty at night having a cookie and a cup of hot chocolate or a small slice of homemade cake or something. For me, having a treat at the end of everyday is worth it!


Tomorrow I’m having steel cut oats instead of my usual Scottish ones. I’m making them tonight with 1/2 cup skim and 2 ounces water and bringing them to a boil on the stove before taking them off an popping them in the fridge for the night to set. Tomorrow I’ll mix 1 tbsp peanut butter and a banana in them and reheat!

December 15, 2007

Lucked Out!

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I lucked out on dinner tonight…at home, my mom was making one of my favorite dinners in her slow cooker: bbq pulled chicken. So tasty and SO much healthier than going out to a bbq joint and ordering the pulled pork! She used chicken thighs along with a variety of spices and some ketchup to produce an incredibly tasty comfort food! I’m trying to get the recipe for you guys…does anyone actually have a slow cooker though? I don’t think you can make it without one…I, personally, don’t have my own but would love to get one in the future! You can make the easiest meals…just throw everything in in the morning then go to work, school, whatever…then eat it that night! So, anyways, before I left this afternoon she packaged me up some pulled chicken to go! I ate it before work with 4 ounces of steamed broccoli, honey carrots (baby carrots that I just sauteed in some honey and promise light), and a slice of toasted sprouted grain bread.


I’m guessing this meal was about 354 calories…yum!

December 14, 2007

Moderation is the Key!

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Hi guys!

Well, its 11:15 and Ryan and I just got back from dinner and a christmas party. It was fun…lots of good things to eat and drink though and I think I did pretty well considering all the chocolate, wine, cookies and everything else that was just laying around! For dinner we went to a really nice restaurant (a little too nice actually…we are on a major budget right now!!) and I ordered a glass of merlot and the grilled tuna that came with jasmine rice and wilted bok choy. It also came with a side salad and I had the dressing put on the side so that I could portion it out the way I liked rather than having it drenched! The tuna was very good but I didn’t really feel satisfied after eating all that food…I was still hungry for some unknown reason! I also ate about 3/4ths of a big soft white dinner roll that came to the table–I just couldn’t say no! (I LOVE bread!)

At the party I drank about another 2 ounces of wine then switched to a diet soda. I never drink sodas, diet or not, but it was that or the wine and I didn’t want anything more to drink so I sipped on some diet dr pepper instead. I would say I drank about a glass and a half of wine during the night. Not so bad considering I went out to dinner and then to a party afterwards! I was proud of myself for showing restraint! But……….they had a chocolate fountain at the party!!!!! With so many good things to dip into it! I had a plate of sliced bananas, strawberries and one small sliver of angel food cake that I dipped into the chocolate and it was so good and satisfying. I don’t regret that at all!

Tomorrow is christmas card picture time with the family then I have to drive back to Orlando to go to work tomorrow night. I’m just glad I got to come back here tonight at least- it was a very nice turn of events!

Here’s some pictures from tonight…sorry if they came out a little blurry, it was the best I could do in the situation!


My grilled tuna dinner as it came to the table…


What was left on my plate when I finished…I ate almost all of the tuna, about 75% of the rice and all of the bok choy. Oh, and I tasted Ryan’s seafood pasta and had a couple spoonfuls of his lobster bisque as well. (The lobster bisque was SO good- I should have ordered that and if we go back I will next time…a cup of it would have been perfect with a nice salad!)


Chocolate fountain…need I say more?


My dessert plate of banana, strawberries, pineapple and 1 small sliver of angel food cake 🙂 I could have done some major damage here, but tried to restrain myself!

December 13, 2007

A Little Something Sweet

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I just made a comforting little dessert: hot chocolate and cinnamon toast. Really hit the spot and satisfied my sweet tooth! I made it with 6-ounces skim milk, 1 tbsp Giradhelli cocoa mix (35 calories/tbsp) and 1 slice sprouted grain bread brushed with a tiny bit of promise light and dusted with about 1/2 tsp of a mixture of cinnamon and organic cane sugar. Popped it under the broiler for a couple minutes and it turned out nice and crunchy and sweet!


yum! About 180 calories 🙂

Tomorrow is another busy day…school in the morning (more chicken!) then I have to work tomorrow night.  Then…..there’s a chance I might be driving home to Tampa after work tomorrow night (haven’t seen the boyfriend in 2 weeks!) Now its time for some cleaning, ironing of chef uniforms and going to bed to READ! I already made my breakfast for tomorrow (I always make it the night before because I’m so rushed in the morning), so I will leave you with this little overnight swiss oatmeal recipe:

Overnight Swiss Oatmeal

serves 1

1/2 cup oats

2 ounces skim milk

2 ounces water

1 ounce organic dried cherries

10 grams walnuts (about 5 whole walnuts, crumbled)

4 ounces greek nonfat yogurt

1 sliced banana

1/2 tbsp pure maple syrup

1. The night before, combine the oats, milk, water, walnuts and dried cherries in a bowl. Cover with wax paper and set in the fridge.

2. The next morning, stir the oats, add some cinnamon and mix in the yogurt and sliced banana. Top with maple syrup! yum!

502 calories, 10 grams of fat (this is including 1/2 tbsp maple syrup)

Thank you guys so much for all the wonderful comments and questions—keep ’em coming!! 🙂

December 11, 2007

Dessert and Recipe Writing

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As scheduled, my sweet tooth kicked in and before I sat down to write my recipes for tomorrow I made a little dessert. I toasted 1 kashi go lean blueberry waffle and topped it with 1/2 tbsp red raspberry preserves. I had 6 ounces of hot chocolate peppermint vitasoy to go with it for about 215 calories. This was a little high for my usual dessert but it ended up working perfectly with my calories for the day because I ended right at 1800 which is around what I shoot for on a daily basis. It was the perfect sweet and now I’m all ready to relax and finish stuff up here so I can go to bed to read!


December 10, 2007

Pulled Pork Tuesday…coming right up!

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Mmmm…my sweet tooth just kicked in and I had a sugar-free Kozy Shack rice pudding (sweetened with splenda…no artificial ingredients in it) and a hot cup of vanilla tea. Now, I’m all set to work on copying tomorrow’s recipes for school. It’s going to be an interesting morning because we are making one of my favorite splurge meals!~~pulled pork! Oh my goodness with the right bbq sauce that stuff is deadly 😉 I usually don’t eat lunch at school (nor do I usually eat a lot of meat in general!) but I may have to have a little more than a taste tomorrow….

Here’s what we are making tomorrow:

Barbeque Baby Back Ribs

Pulled Pork !!

Pork Cutlets

2 regular bbq sauces, one vinegar based and one tomato based (I love vinegar based!)

texas coffee bbq sauce

asian bbq sauce

…..gotta love PORK day. We are also watching a pork slaughtering video along with the hour and a half lecture! I’m going to bring my camera though and try to snap some photos of what I make to show yall.



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Whew…..finally home and it’s a lovely 75 degrees outside!! I did eat my airport dinner and it held me over very well. Once I got home I ate 2 small christmas cookies that I brought back from wisconsin that my grandma made (nothing like homemade cookies made by your grandma!) and a small cup of hot peppermint chocolate vitasoy. My calories are still low for the day (about 1700) but since I didnt exercise it’s fine. And I’m exhausted with still a bunch of recipes to write for tomorrow’s class…and I have my first quiz on beef!

I’m really trying to make this blog unique because I do realize there are tons of health food/exercise blogs out there right now. I’ve been wanting to do this project for awhile now because my final goal IS to write cookbooks! I also thought it might be fun though to include some real-life culinary school tales…..seriously, a lot of interesting things happen behind the scenes!!!! Oh, I have more than a few stories…. 😉 Its very hard work above all…and some days I want to quit. But, then I remind myself this is what I was born to do. I take a deep breath, relax, do some yoga and all is well.

On tap tomorrow is:

Herb Stuffed Pork Chops

Sauce Robert

Sauce Charcuterie

(right now I am in MEAT class for 3 weeks. All we do everyday is prepare different cuts of meat. Funny because I’m not even a big meat eater! I rarely sit down and eat everything I have made for the day like most of the guys in class that load up their plates everyday at noon with more meat than a human should consume in a week, but I do taste every single thing I prepare. I have to!)

More tomorrow….

Yes, my grandparent’s really do have this hanging on their wall.