December 20, 2007

Gotta Have My Snack!

Posted in Exercise, Snack at 2:42 pm by jaweber

I hit the gym a little earlier for a quick strength training workout with some pushups and weights and then I came home and made the same delicious snack I had yesterday! But this time my camera didn’t fail me so I was able to photograph it! I had 4-ounces cottage cheese with 1/4 cup Nature’s Own Flax Plus Granola with Pumpkin Seeds for 150 calories. It really held me over til dinner last night and I just love the combo of crunchy sweet granola with the creamy cottage cheese. Its a very good combo of carbs, protein and omega 3’s and hopefully it will last me the next 3 hours til dinner!

Tomorrow I am going home to Tampa early in the morning (no school!) so I can make a 12:00 yoga class at my old yoga studio. Then, I have plans to bake christmas cookies in the afternoon before Ryan and I go out to dinner and celebrate our little christmas! Early because I have to work christmas eve 😦 Already excited!


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