December 19, 2007

Sweet & Salty

Posted in dessert at 7:03 pm by jaweber

Sorry if this dessert is boring but I made hot cocoa again! I just love making my own on the stove…it’s so old fashioned and warm and comforting! Tonight though I made it with 1 tsp cane sugar instead of the usual splenda and it turned out 100x better. I never used to use splenda, only a pinch of the real stuff, and now I know why! The taste of the chocolate was so much more prominent without the slightly gross aftertaste of splenda. I still have splenda in my coffee but I think I’ll stick to sugar in my cocoa. And, hey, it was only 10 more calories but made a world of difference! With my cocoa I had a 100 calorie kettle corn popcorn pack.


About 193 calories for this sweet treat πŸ™‚

Tomorrow, like I said before, is my LAST day of school before christmas break! yay! but I’m so nervous about my 2 practicals…and now I have a wrapped up finger to boot 😦 Hopefully I can pull through and swing a B in this class. It’s just so difficult for me for some reason and I have always been an A student (well in academics—this is culinary school, much different!!). But then, AFTER school my good friend is coming to visit and we are going out to dinner tomorrow night at the restaurant that I work at. I’m so excited! Lots of good food and we haven’t seen each other in about 6 months. Needless to say, tomorrow’s posts might come in a little late or at random times but I’m going to try to take a picture of what I eat so I can share it all with you guys!


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  1. Danielle said,

    Good luck Jenna! I’m sure you’ll rock those practicals… and successfully being done is just about the best feeling in the world πŸ™‚ Enjoy your reunion with the friend too!

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