December 15, 2007

Lucked Out!

Posted in dessert at 4:18 pm by jaweber

I lucked out on dinner tonight…at home, my mom was making one of my favorite dinners in her slow cooker: bbq pulled chicken. So tasty and SO much healthier than going out to a bbq joint and ordering the pulled pork! She used chicken thighs along with a variety of spices and some ketchup to produce an incredibly tasty comfort food! I’m trying to get the recipe for you guys…does anyone actually have a slow cooker though? I don’t think you can make it without one…I, personally, don’t have my own but would love to get one in the future! You can make the easiest meals…just throw everything in in the morning then go to work, school, whatever…then eat it that night! So, anyways, before I left this afternoon she packaged me up some pulled chicken to go! I ate it before work with 4 ounces of steamed broccoli, honey carrots (baby carrots that I just sauteed in some honey and promise light), and a slice of toasted sprouted grain bread.


I’m guessing this meal was about 354 calories…yum!


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