December 14, 2007


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Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope your day is going well so far and you have something fun and relaxing planned for the weekend….I know what I’ll be doing—working! They have me scheduled to work tonight, tomorrow night and sunday night so hopefully I can bring in some more money so that I can keep affording to buy groceries! πŸ™‚ My oatmeal was wonderful this morning (remember last night I made the overnight swiss oatmeal)? Well, it turned out sooo good and I think I’m going to play around with that recipe and be making it more often because it really held me over well this morning. I did eat my snack (fiber one + almonds, as usual) at 9:45 but only because I knew I wouldn’t be eating lunch til 1:30 and if I waited that long without having anything to eat I would starve!! I def. recommend you guys trying it out though…the yogurt made it all creamy and delicious..and of course the maple syrup added some spark!!!

For lunch today I made something quick and light because I’m going to be going running in about an hour. I toasted one of last night’s scottish oatmeal scones and slathered on 1 tbsp natural peanut butter and 1/2 tbsp raspberry preserves on top of it! SO GOOD!!! There’s just something about homemade baked goods that is really really wonderful..especially if you know they are healthy homemade baked goods!! I also had a pear and 4 ounces of 1% cottage cheese….and a tiny bit of dark chocolate ;). It filled me up but didn’t weigh me down…and was about 445 calories. This is significantly lower than what I usually eat for lunch, but again, I’m going to be running so I didn’t want anything too big! I’m also working tonight so I’ll have a little bit of a larger dinner to hold me over.

In school we made fried chicken wings, cornish hens stuffed with herb butter, seared and baked chicken breasts and some sauces to go along with them. I took a picture so you all would see what I could have eaten as my lunch! (not the smart choice though!)

Lunch we made at school….on the left those are potato wedges drenched in butter/drippings from the cornish hens, then going clockwise you have the fried chicken fingers and sauce and then the chicken breast.


My lunch….you can’t see it but there is a tablespoon of peanut butter on that scone. so good πŸ™‚


another raw chicken picture…I’m sure you all love these! Here I was attempting to tie up the cornish hen for the oven after I stuffed it with a compound butter made from fresh chopped herbs and butter all blended up. Very messy!

**a special thank you to Danielle and Cathy who have been talking up my blog on Kath’s site. Thanks so much guys!!!



  1. Danielle said,

    No problem! πŸ™‚ I’ve become quite the nutrition blog follower, I started with Cristin on EatLikeMe found Kath and now you, I check up on all three quite often throughout the day! You think it’d be monotonous but I find I get so many different things from each of them. With yours, for example, I am getting a lot of inspiration on quick, easy, and inexpensive meal ideas. I’m home from school now but taking notes and planning on cooking at least during the week when I get back. Previously I depended mostly on Amy’s frozen meals, not unhealthy, but certainly not as satisfying as something homemade. Thanks for the continuos inspiration! And I will definitely keep spreading the word, you deserve more committed followers!

  2. mel said,

    aww you know all about Lexington!! Yeah!! keenland is so much fun and Ky is beautiful, but hopefully they stop building so much and keep more farms!! what made you want to go to culinary school? have you always love to cook? I love love to cook and my family has always eaten pretty healthy so i do too! I know you work hard in school, I just think it would be more interesting sometimes than just sitting in a desk and taking noted until I can’t write anymore! hha! Take care!!

  3. mel said,

    p.s. you should mention your blog on Kristen’s blog if you already haven’t. I seemed to work for Kath!! You are doing a great job!!

  4. Cathy said,

    Danielle- I started with Cristin, then Kath and now Jenna….I am quite the follower myself. I am in school to be an RD also, so I am totally obsessed with the blogs! I work full time also (I am in the midst of changing careers) so my current job doesn’t know I am back in school! Ha! Anyway, the blogs occupy me from my day of work when I take my blog breaks!! πŸ™‚ Thanks again Jenna, you blog is fun to read!

  5. jaweber said,

    Thanks, guys! At least I know I have a few loyal readers so far–you guys keep me writing! I too started reading Eat Like Me, but found I was a little too hungry if I always tried to eat like her. Every body is different, I suppose!

    I have always loved to cook and read cookbooks. I graduated from college with a degree in english and creative writing and then sat around my parent’s house for a few months trying to find a real job before I decided to just bypass that whole thing for another year and go back to school! Culinary school is incredibly expensive and A LOT of work/stress but I think it will give me more credentials to my name when I go to try to publish my cookbooks. The food we cook, if you haven’t noticed yet, is not healthy in the least bit though so that’s def. an everyday challenge but I am learning the classical cooking preparations and from that, I can work with recipes to modify them to be healthier. It’s fun!

  6. mel said,

    Aww fun! yeah I’ve noticed a lot of the food you cook at school sounds kind of gross! haha but I know you don’t have a choice. My major is journalism (broadcast) and I love writing too!! I’m applying for law school for next fall b/c I’m graduating in May! exciting and scary! I just realized last yr I don’t want to be a reporter/producer/anchor my whole life b/c the hrs are terrible and i want a family someday and the pay is horrible!! I totally know what you mean about Cristen’s blog..she seems really sweet and healthy but I eat way more than she does! haha! I am also 5’6 1/2 and I weigh 120 most days (I fluctuate a few lbs lower and higher depending on the day) how far do you and your boyfriend live from each other and how often do you get to see him? Next year I may have to go to Northern KY for school and my bf of 5 yrs will still go here for a year..I’m kind of sad b/c we will only see each other on some weekends but we are both really independent and trustworthy! Sorry for such a long post!! Keep up the great work!!

  7. jaweber said,


    Haha, yes the food I cook at school right now is now what I really would want to eat or make at home….the guys love it though! tons of meat!! BUT…my next class is baking where I’ll be making cookies, breads, bagels, pizza crusts….everything! and i’m super excited about that because I LOVE to bake!

    I live about an hour from my boyfriend now…last year I lived 7 hours away because I was up in South Carolina for school. Its hard but worth it! We see eachother about once a week…either I will go home or he will come here. If you are busy though the week goes by quickly and before you know it the weekends here and you are together again! I can’t wait though til I’m finally all done and can move back with him for good πŸ˜‰

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