December 10, 2007

Airport Meals to the Rescue

Posted in Travel at 1:39 pm by jaweber

Here are three quick, cheap and delicious meals to stay healthy while traveling:
1.) Tuna Salad and Crackers:

Do this the night before you go:

In a bowl combine 1 tuna packet, 1 squirt of miracle whip light, 1 squirt mustard. Mix together and put in Tupperware. Put in fridge. In a small baggie, pack 20 kashi crackers. Set on top of tuna in fridge. In the morning, get out the lunch box and put in an ice pack, tuna salad, 1 light cheese stick, kashi crackers, an apple and about 10 almonds. Bring with you and eat in airport or on plane. There’s no liquids or gels in this lunch so you can get through security fine. If you wanted to though, you could not pack the cheese stick and instead buy a yogurt from starbucks on the other side of security.

Bring a LaraBar for a snack.
Buy a bottle of water after security.


Stick a pouch of tuna, a banana and a LaraBar
in your bag. At the airport, buy a regular side salad from somewhere. No dressing, no cheese, no meat. JUST the lettuce! Put the tuna over the salad and eat with the banana and larabar on the side. I recommend keeping this little packets of tuna with you because they are great “emergency food”.

2.) Easy Easy Peanut Butter Sandwich:

The night before you go:

Make a sandwich with 2 slices whole wheat bread, peanut butter and a one sliced banana. Pack in tin foil then put in baggie and set in fridge. In another small container, pack 1/2 cup cottage cheese. In the morning, put the sandwich, cottage cheese and an apple in your lunchbag and bring with you to the airport. Eat before you go through security. Bring a LaraBar for a snack and a bottle of water.

3.) Emergency Lunch:

You don’t have any time at all and are about to skip a meal (lunch or dinner). STOP! Find a Starbucks, buy a yogurt and banana. Eat it with a Kashi granola bar or a LaraBar (I recommend you stash a couple Larabars in your bag so they will always be there when you travel and you don’t have to remember to pack them). With this “meal” you are getting some dairy, fruit, carbs and healthy fats instead of lowering your metabolism (and you’re mood!!) by not eating at all. And—you are being much smarter and healthier than most Americans that would hit the airport burger king in a situation like this. If starbucks doesn’t sell yogurts, buy a grande non-fat decaf latte.


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