December 9, 2007

Welcome to my site!

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Hey guys!

My name’s Jenna and I am fully dedicated to living and eating as naturally and healthfully as possible. I believe that eating good, healthy foods and exercise leads to not only a longer life but a BETTER life all around with more energy and happiness! This blog is going to be my daily journal revolving around food and exercise. I want to share my personal recipes and give some tips I have learned on how to eat right and stay healthy in any situation. But let me say first: I am human, I have cravings and don’t profess by any means to be the role model of perfect health at all times. I slip up and have days where I completely splurge and eat crap then try to make up for it the next day by cutting back on the fat and doing a little harder workout. I try to maintain balance as much as I can and just feel BETTER when I eat right!

But first, let me start from the beginning—-

I am 22 years old. Graduate of the College of Charleston in South Carolina with a major in English. As soon as I graduated I sped off to study writing for 6 weeks in PARIS and completely fell in love with the food, culture (and wine!) in the city. I am a certified Nutritional Consultant (aka “nutritionist”) by the AFPA (American Fitness and Professionals Ass.) Currently, I go to culinary school at the CORDON BLEU in Orlando, Florida where I learn cool new recipes and techniques daily and increase my love and knowledge of food. When I’m done with school I want to write healthy cookbooks and become a personal chef specializing in nutrition so I can help people reach their nutritional goals. I’m a runner and lover of yoga. I have practiced yoga for about 6 years now and love the effects that it has on my body. I also lift weights and walk whenever I can, wherever I can.

I have an amazing boyfriend that puts up with my healthy cooking but also loves pizza, tacos and rum. (what guy doesn’t?) His favorite meal that I make is stuffed shells with chicken sausage. I use reduced fat cheese and make my own tomato sauce to cut calories and sat.fat. Still quite tasty though! We also love to cook fish tacos together with homemade guacamole and salsa. He’s quite the fisherman and I love when he brings home fresh fish for me to play with 🙂

I’ve never had a weight problem yet still watch my calorie intake and work to maintain my current weight. I’m 5’6” and weigh about 120 pounds. I am not on a diet nor am I advocating one here—its a lifestyle I have come to love and embrace and share with yall! I would gain weight easily if I ate like the average american (about 2500 cal. a day)…remember guys, the average american IS overweight. Over half of our country is now considered overweight according to recent studies. gross, right? So, some people might think my healthy eating habits are a little strange. I have a food scale that I LOVE from williams-sonoma and I weigh out/portion my food before eating. I also take healthy snacks with me so I’m prepared for anything that may come! I get hungry and plan snacks/meals about every 3-4 hours. I think that’s the healthy way to eat; it’s actually dangerous to go a long period of time (6-7 hours) without food. Your body can go into starvation mode and your metabolism slows. So, yes, I eat and I eat a lot!

I LOVE all good food. I don’t believe in diets, just eating the right portions of quality food. I def. have a sweet tooth but try to control it when I can. I do have dessert every night though, but keep it around 100-120 calories. I just need to have something sweet! Even if its just one square of the highest-quality dark chocolate. Yum! I also love wine! I believe that a glass of red or white wine a night will do more good than bad but it is important to limit consumption to just one glass…not the whole bottle!cimg0312.jpg

My mom and I before I ran in my first 10K race this past thanksgiving!

Being silly old me…nothing new there!


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